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6 Ways to boost prospective student engagement through social media management?

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Social media is often considered a source of distraction for students, as these days most students stick to their phones. But Universities/colleges have realized the importance of social media to boost current and prospective students’ engagement through social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

In this article, we’ll discuss in detail, what strategies colleges/Universities can use to enhance student engagement.

What is social media management?

The process of handling and managing your social media presence on different platforms is called social media management. In this management procedure, content is produced and scheduled by developing strategies to interact with prospective and existing clients to grow the reach of social media accounts. Also, with the help of social media management, the company monitors and manages the performance of the company’s accounts on social media.

Social media marketing strategies to boost prospective student engagement

Promote values and achievements

social media is a great platform to showcase your institution’s culture and values. Through this social media marketing strategy prospective students will also get an idea about what they will learn on campus. Also, you can post your student’s achievements to motivate and acknowledge them.

Promote campus events through social media

Students might miss reading about the upcoming events at the college campus on the notice board, and by sharing the details of events such as club meetings, alumni events, concerts, movie nights, and job fairs through pictures and videos on social media will keep students informed and it will also help you create a buzz in their peer group, and friends through social media shares.

And this strategy will definitely catch the attention of prospective students who might visit your social media profile to check about campus life.

Share student-curated content

As most of the students have their social media accounts, you can create a hashtag for any specific event, or competition, that students can use while sharing their videos and pictures on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. And later you can repost the relevant and creative posts and stories on University’s account.

Give students a platform to ask questions

You can give students an opportunity to ask questions through social media platforms. You can also seek their suggestion on different topics by writing such statements in the captions- What are your views on this? Or what’s your take on this? Also, you can post, ask me anything on stories, and let students engage with your university/ college. Or you can host a live session by stating the agenda of the life with students beforehand so that they can prepare and ask you questions during the live session.

Engagement on social media will also help in boosting your social media algorithms. When more people interact with your posts, social media algorithms show your content at the top of the user’s feeds.

Share important updates in real-time

Real-time information Posting on social media will give reasons to students to follow your university/college’s social media account. You can share real-time updates about the examination/ results dates, workshop details, counselling sessions/ health-checkup updates, etc.

Use it as a forum

Social media can be a fantastic platform for community-wide discussion and feedback. And instead of building a student forum, you can use this media where students and teachers are already present. You can create Facebook groups of different communities such as parents groups, alumni groups, sports groups, etc, and Twitter threads for taking suggestions over any matter, etc.

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According to the data, approximately 80% of Indian youth are on social media and hence it is the best platform to boost student engagement with Universities/colleges. We hope this blog helps you guide how social media can help you in increasing student engagement. Now, it’s your turn to contact a digital marketing agency that can help you with the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the objectives of using social media for higher education?

Social media helps higher education institutes –

  • In encouraging students’ engagement with educational institutes.
  • Strengthening and developing the college community.
  • Enabling all forms of feedback.
  • Fostering interactions between students and institutions of higher learning.

2. What are the positive impacts of social media on college students?

Through social media, college students get easy access to learning including easy access to notes, e-books, classroom sessions via video calls, etc. Social media also helps in enhancing creativity skills among students. And as they have access to research online, their academic performance & knowledge of the subject matter also enhances.

3. How can social media be used to improve website traffic?

How can social media be used to improve website traffic?

4. What criteria should you consider before selecting a digital marketing firm?

Things you should not miss checking before hiring a digital marketing agency-

  • Check out the agency’s portfolio and the details about their past work experience, Significant growth in their past client’s website/social media accounts.
  • Check out their pricing model, is it monthly, or quarterly and what are their charges for providing different services?
  • Look out for their experience in your domain.
  • Make sure they are able to follow the latest marketing trends.